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An excerpt from the Dis-Orientation Guide 2010-2011, a student-produced guide to Washington University School of Medicine
Flying in to St. Louis
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Whitney Grither, WUMS I
"One of the most rewarding aspects of coming to Wash U is that I get to hang out with people who have amazingly diverse interests and skills."Joe Planer
Third-year MD/PhD student


Requirements for Admission

Standards for admission are high. Applicants are expected to possess high character, aptitude, integrity and motivation suitable for a career in medicine. Other personal attributes considered include strong communication skills, extracurricular accomplishments and balanced life style including hobbies and recreational interests.

Academic Requirements

Medical College Admissions Test: Must be completed before an application is considered. We accept MCAT results that are up to three years old at the time of application. Thus, when applying for the 2015 first-year class, MCAT test dates must be no older than April 2011.

Hours of undergraduate study: At least 90 semester hours must be completed before matriculation.

Required course work: A minimum of one year or equivalent advanced placement in

  • Biology
  • General or inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry*
  • Physics
  • Calculus through integral and differential equations**

Possible substitutions:
* One semester of biochemistry can be substituted for one semester of organic chemistry.
** Statistics can be substituted for one semester of calculus. In selected instances, one or more of these prerequisites may be waived by the Committee on Admissions.

A course in biochemistry, though not required, is encouraged.

Majors and areas of study: No single major is preferred. Although many applicants will have majored in science, engineering or math, applications from those who have majored in the humanities, social sciences or the arts are equally welcome.